My First Ever Editor’s Letter: Issue 1


Today marks Collective Hub's third birthday... So I couldn't help but indulge in a little nostalgia

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Editor’s Letter – Issue 1

I had a vision – to create the greatest, most stylish, innovative, authentic, conscious, inspiring entrepreneurial magazine/media movement on the planet. No small feat but one made easier by an extraordinary team bringing together a collective of like-minded, passionate game changers, thought leaders, style makers and rebels from all over the world to deliver inspiration and leadership and force you to keep asking the questions, ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ So, what’s it all about? In a world full of imitation and replication, we wanted to do something different. Something extraordinary, something that would stand out, be authentic and we could take beyond the pages of a print magazine.

We scoured the planet for original thinking and genuine human connection; people with a willingness to share and speak out, to strip back the spin and hype. Our goal was to uncover those truly being courageous enough to be all that they can be and willing to bare their souls. People who were living, not just existing. Who are emotionally invested and not just ‘Working for The Man’ who believe their voice means something and that corporate logic or rhetoric isn’t always logical. That sometimes there is indeed a better way.

We wanted the stories behind the story to inspire you but also to provide the how-tos and resources so that your own vision, goals and dreams would become attainable to you in your unique way.

This magazine is for you, the people who challenge the status quo, who shake things up, who ask ‘why?’

Who harness unique strengths and talents in themselves and others for positive change and have the capacity to gain a stronger foothold in the beige boardroom of carbon copy corporations. You are the rebels with some serious attitude and cause. This magazine is NOT for those amongst us who deposit their souls at the door when they go to work each day.

Occasionally within these pages of Messenger Collective (Editor’s note – we are now Collective Hub after a, um, slight learning curve about another certain Messenger out there – you can read about that in Issue 2) we gush a little – unashamedly. It’s because we genuinely love and believe in all the people within these pages. Sadly, there is a trend in publishing to cut and paste and syndicate content from around the world. I made a conscious decision to personally connect with every person within these pages and all of them we respect for their contribution towards making our world a better, brighter, more authentic place. (Next Editor’s note: I still try and connect with as many people from within our pages and on as I can – let’s just say I had NO idea how big this thing would get!).

Through the sections, you’ll find stories on global trends, co-working spaces, philanthropists, start-ups, multi-million dollar businesses, monks, designers, artists, believers, online giants, crowdfunding, outsourcing, succession planning, lion tamers, bloggers, brothers, renegade models and much, much more.

One thing remains consistent: they all have soul in spades.

The past 11 months have been delicious and serendipitous, and at times, really, really hard but never have I believed in something so much and not once did I want to quit. A few wonderful moments were interviewing Dandapani – one of the warmest people I have ever met with a naughty sense of humour that had me then, and many times since, rolling around in stitches. He’s the Hindu priest and former monk who lives in NYC. Bradley Trevor Greive supported me with my first book Happiness Is… nine years ago and I adore him and everything he stands for. A more raw and real story you will not find and it encapsulates the essence of the whole magazine. I challenge you to get through it without shedding a tear.

Then there is Lorna. Lorna and I have worked together for the past few years and I love her to absolute pieces. In my mind she is the perfect choice for the cover. She oozes positivity, inspiration and is a genuine, grounded and determined person. It was an absolute joy shooting her for the cover. We shot her in a way she has never been seen and I like to think Messenger Collective gave her the vehicle to express herself. We had some serious fun. She is one woman who is about to step things up to a whole new level and I’m proud to be on the journey alongside her.

Messenger Collective started as a dream in March 2012 and quickly became a large, multi-platform build that took on a life of its own. As I’m about to hit the ‘print’ button, I am reflecting on the magnitude of what we have created. I feel extraordinarily proud to be part of such a soulful and heartfelt journey with an absolute kick-arse team. More passion you would be pressed to find.

My sidekick Claire and I went to meeting after meeting with some of the greatest and biggest distributors. Every time we’d walk in, ooze the passion we have for Messenger Collective (often with no visuals at all) we’d walk out with a deal. People just believed in it from the get-go and we are so incredibly humbled and grateful for this.

I’m proud to say from Issue One, we’re sold in 3,506 newsagencies in Australia, 55 commuter and airport stores, 16 domestic and international Qantas lounges (Chairman, Club and Business), 685 Coles supermarkets, either Virgin lounges and various other retail outlets, hotels and corporate channels. We’re also rolling out into 10 other countries. You’ll find a full list of distributors on page 12.

It’s true to say my baby got rather large, rather quickly.

Messenger Collective is testament to living your dream and that anything’s possible when you have a clear vision and focus. It’s important to note that, whilst the print magazine is the cornerstone of Messenger Collective, it’s a much more complex, integrated media proposition. Throughout the pages of the magazine you’ll find tips on how we can be read or how you can interact with us.

We’re traversing print, online (tablet, mobile, web, social) with a large dose of human interaction – you can attend events or become part of our reader panels (see page 113) and watch Messenger Collective’s pages come to life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting with Messenger Collective. You’re a part of our team now and we look forward to walking the journey with you. I want and will welcome your feedback and input. I just want it to be the very best that it can be.

L xx

Lisa Messenger



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