Cover girls Nicole Warne, Jess Hart, Margaret Zhang make Forbes 30 under 30 list


We picked it – these three local ladies are firmly at the top of their game

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Forbes’ announcement of their 30 under 30 list in the Asia category was full of familiar faces for us here at Collective Hub: namely the model-turned beauty brand builder Jess Hart, as well as digital influencers Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) and Margaret Zhang (Shine by Three) who have all been featured on the cover of our previous issues.

Our Issue 30 cover girl Jess Hart has been noted for her career pivot: model to beauty entrepreneur is no easy feat and, as we learnt in our interview, not something she put her name to without serious, considered contribution.

“So many times I just wanted to be like, ‘Whatever, let’s just get it out there,’” she told us about her eagerness to get LUMA Cosmetics going, “but I kept thinking, ‘No, I want every product to be right.’”

While Jess is building her brand in stores, influencers Nicole (our Issue 7 star) and Margaret (who graced the cover of Issue 16) are leaders in the online world. It’s not just slick, aspirational content that Margaret and Nicole produce – they’re also leading a charge of collaborations with seriously big-names: Shine by Three’s Margaret has left her mark in creative direction, styling and photography on international brands like UNIQLO, Louis Vuitton and Swarovski, cementing her position as a major player in the digital world.



“For me, it’s a platform to showcase what I’ve been working on, where I am in the world through an editorial lens, my opinion on topic areas, fashion or not,” Margaret explained in issue 16. “The blog is merely the vehicle – and an effective one at that.”

A similarly admired presence online, Gary Pepper Girl’s Nicole Warne is an international heavyweight in the digital fashion world. She lends her face (as well as her flawless sense of style and astute design eye) to the unique roles of Net-a-Porter’s Ambassador – the only digital influencer to land the job – as well as digital consultant for Qantas. That’s in addition to counting Valentino and Chanel as clients.


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“I’m really particular, I actually decline more work than I accept,” the discerning digital influencer told us in issue 7. “I think that can be a downfall because like any business, if you expand too quickly, you lose control and you get out of touch with your audience. I like sitting on the sideline and seeing what feels right.”

What these women have in common is what we noticed early on – careful, considered approaches to building a brand and a dedication to creating something both unique and forward-thinking in both substance and style.

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