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My role as a presenter is a lot broader then some people may imagine – we are extremely hands on, which I love as it allows us to inject our own creative flair into the stories. We research, write, set-up, paper edit and host, so actually spend a lot more time behind the camera than in front of it.

A lot of time is spent travelling and last week the location was Singapore – a place very close to my heart.  I lived in Singapore for a short time, working as a presenter, so when I found out we were going for Saturday Disney, I was so excited and jumped at the opportunity to help organise the trip! I am half Chinese/Australian and am instinctively drawn to anywhere in Asia.

As you can see, we jam pack a lot into a day. The job is inherently fast-paced, which makes it even more important to do some things for yourself. For me, this is the gym and meditation – they are my key non-negotiables to keep some sort of balance in check.

Here’s a snapshot of one of my typical day’s away.




Wake up and hit the gym, I love to stay active when I am away on work trips, it makes me a lot more energised and I don’t get out of my routine too much. Even if I fit in a stretch or quick run, I am happy with that.


Running up palm trees is quite difficult! @runningbare83 @visit_singapore

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MORNING RITUALS: Breakfast + Hair and Makeup + Clothing

I try to eat a high protein breakfast as that will keep me going until our next break. (I always carry snacks in my bag too – I snack A LOT!)

I do my own hair and makeup and find three outfits for the day. We often have to change two or three times depending on what we are filming.



Sunday morning feels! @amazoniaco home made Acai and @collectivehub


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Meet the crew and rest of my team downstairs. There’s a briefing in the car on the way to our first location!




We go over our script with our producer and also talk to the keepers, as they often have lot more knowledge and hidden facts that we may not know. We set up and have breakfast with orangutans! I then have the chance to feed the elephants. I absolutely love animals so doing stories where we can help get across the message of conservation is amazing.






I love to eat local when I travel, so for lunch today it is a colourful array of Indian curries! Little India in Singapore is bustling with colour, spices, food and culture! It is one of my favourite places to visit in Singapore.




I am getting henna done on my feet. It is traditionally used for ceremonies like weddings but there was no wedding for me today, just creativity!  The girls made up a unique pattern for me, which looked awesome!


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Another of my favourite spots and we were doing a food segment! I have grown up eating amazing Asian food, so I was very happy to have a second lunch. It was absolutely packed in China Town as we were there only a few days before Chinese New Year.  




We visit one of my favourite shopping destinations in Singapore: Haji Lane/ Arab St. I was also on the search for the perfect ice tea and bam, I found a beautiful store on Arab St that made a fresh mint and lemon iced tea, with no added sugar! I was able to make my own perfume on Arab St –  it smelt delicious, like a mild floral/ fruity scent.

I couldn’t leave without fitting in a bit of shopping. Haji Lane has loads of vintage stores and really quirky boutiques with clothes from Singapore and other Asian countries, so you are bound to find a unique gem.   






We head to Gardens by the Bay, where we will film our closing shot and watch the light show. As soon as we walked into the Cloud Forest, I felt like I was a character in Avatar. What an incredible experience and one of my favourite moments. It is home to the world’s largest indoor waterfall. And  make sure you visit the flower dome which exhibits flowers from all over the world!



Cacti you’re my fav! @beginningboutique @gardensbythebay @visit_singapore #YourSingapore


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HOME TIME / HOTEL TIME (home away from home)

I usually log onto my emails to make sure I don’t get left behind while travelling, call my boyfriend (yes, by then it is 12pm Sydney time! Oops!), and do some reading on my course. I am studying nutrition at Nature Care College which I do by correspondence as I am constantly travelling for work.






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