Lean In Collection’s Call for Contributions


Now it’s your turn to contribute to the conversation on gender equality

Lean-In-GettyPhoto courtesy of iStock/Getty Images


Celebrating female leadership wherever it takes root, the Lean In Collection at stock image website iStock by Getty Images features powerful imagery of women in directional roles, aiming to redirect our understanding of gender roles in society.

Co-curated by the Lean In Foundation’s Founder, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the online photo collection celebrates a diverse range of roles that women take in global communities and in order to widen the spectrum of visual conversation, the site is asking for your contributions as part of a competition.

Calling for photos of women that are outside of the normal representations we commonly see in advertising and the media, istock.com is looking for images that depict women of all ages, abilities, communities and cultures that break the wider understanding of a typical female role: a woman playing loud music for example, or a physically strong and powerful female or even a confident girl raising their hand in class.

Be part of the ongoing dialogue on gender equality by submitting your own image.

The competition closes on February 29th. Click here for more information.




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