Rachel Kennedy


Meet the artsy free spirit behind Collective Hub's December issue artist takeover

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People often told Rachel Kennedy she was creative, but it wasn’t until stumbling into the world of Photoshop that this water baby really found her feet.

“Then, when family or friends needed a little something here or there, I was able to put it together,” the Northern Beaches, Sydney, native tells us. “[And] that soon turned into full-time work as a graphic designer. While I fleshed out other people’s visions, I realised I had ideas of my own.”

So with business-savvy husband Jarrod in tow, Rachel launched a business; eking out her sea-breezy aesthetic with Australian-made, environmentally-responsible prints and paper goods. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes…


How do you approach a blank page?

I like to have a bit of a bank of ideas before I try and flesh them out. I love art, design and the life that comes with living by the water. I find it really refreshes me, and for me that’s where it all begins.


Tell us about your workspace…

We have a little hidden space at home where most creative things happen, [but] it does spill onto the dining table and other areas at times. With two little ones at home, I do what I can around them during the day and the rest happens in the still of night. I’ve found I can work anywhere when I’m in the right headspace. There’s no winning formula for me to make things happen, [but] I think I’m most effective when I have a decent block of time instead of a little bit here or there.


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When you hit a wall, how do you recharge creatively? 

A little bit of time out – fresh air, a long swim or opening a book. There are times when sitting in front of the computer doesn’t achieve much, so when I don’t feel like I’m making much progress I like a little bit of space.      


The best and worst thing about working with your partner? 

It’s pretty great building something with someone you know and love, and who knows and loves you, especially in the ups and downs in business – I’m really grateful that I have him in those moments. Practically, the ways we work are polar opposite so even though we might be involved in the same project, our different roles give us a bit of space to work in our strengths. The flipside of that is being able to make time and conversation away from work, which at times is our biggest challenge.      



What’s in your tool kit?

My trusty computer and Wacom tablet, Canon camera, Adobe Suite, Indian ink… No secrets, I’m afraid!


Last thing you created?

I’ve just finished a collection of cushions, amongst other things.


Project currently keeping you up at night?

Apart from children scared of robots, working on our 2016 collection.


Words to live by?

Love is the wonder of the world.



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