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How many articles have you read about the best ways to improve your time management skills? There are countless apps, notebooks and websites designed to help us stay on top of our game so we’re performing at our optimum level. Yet no matter how many times you try to tick everything off the ‘To Do List’ we seem to rarely reach the end without feeling exhausted.

Think back to a time where you felt energised… Was it after a good nights sleep, a yoga session, or working on projects you love? It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when your energy levels are high. You breeze through your tasks and end the day feeling positive.

As we are all completely different, it’s important that we understand and manage our own unique energy, rather than our minutes, hours or days. By finding out what our natural pace is, we can then plan our time and energy renewal around what works best for us.

This type of energy is made up of three main elements – Brain, Body and Belief, and we achieve high performance when we align all three pillars.

Here are my top tips to manage your three pillars, rather than your time:



1. Outsource as much as possible – both personally and professionally. Remember, as entrepreneurs and business owners, you can’t do everything. Find people who have similar values and that you trust – this is the most important bit.

2. Plan your day in terms of when you prefer to do tasks. Divide your tasks into heavy, medium and light. Once you do this, organise your list according to your energy. Do you have the most energy in the morning? Then smash out your heavy tasks. Feel a dip of energy at 3pm? Deal with lighter tasks that don’t require high mental capacity. Once you master this, you’ll get everything done quicker and more efficiently.

3. Understand your natural pace (you can find it out here). This impacts how often you should access your emails, how long your meetings should be and so forth. The more you work closely to your natural pace, the less energy credits you’ll spend.



1. Understand that physical movement and nutrition have a massive impact on your energy. Movement and the right foods give you energy. Ensure you’re incorporating both into your daily routine to increase your energy levels. This will then allow you to power out what you need to do in your work schedule.

2. After figuring out your natural pace, you’ll then understand what the most effective form of exercise is for you, how frequently you should build in fitness, recovery, sleep and rest based on your personal and fitness pace.  This will help you feel energised in your day.

3. Move incidentally. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. It sounds so simple, but moving your body has been scientifically proven to increase productivity, so fit it in your day every chance you get.



1. Having the right mindset for high performance is crucial! Think about what drives and motivates you. What ensures you are on a sustainable path for success? Being in the right frame of mind will change your outlook on life, and will be sure to positively impact your performance

2. Work on exuding positivity and optimism to the tasks you face each day. Be positive in your attitude towards people and the hurdles you may face. Don’t see roadblocks as negative incidents, see them as opportunities you can grow from

3. Learn how to control your cortisol. This stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands helps regulate blood pressure and the immune system, but is dangerous in excess. Being optimistic and increasing your physical movement has been shown to reduce the amount of excess cortisol in the body – so think positively and keep moving!


About our guest blogger: Vanessa Bennett is a high performance coach and CEO of Inside 80 Performance Australia. She helps leaders, individuals and teams improve their performance by incorporating neuroscience for optimal performance. 





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