Trew World Order


Would the real Russell Brand please stand up?

Russell Brand :
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Intellectual or ingrate? Spiritualist or celebrity? Social activist or disruptor?

Upon the arrival of his Australian stand-up tour, we attempt to decipher Russell Brand and what exactly is his ‘Trew World Order’.

In a recent interview with Collective Hub Russell reveals, “What it will be is an attempt to pull out of people our mutual desire to change things and create a better world through comedy and chaos and humour.

“I will be talking about your agricultural minister, Barnaby Joyce, who is in love with Johnny Depp’s dogs. I’ll be talking about your (former) Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who is like a pocket Putin who looks like he’s got his head in a pair of tights… I’ll be talking about gay marriage.”

Here’s Russell on some other topics that get him talking…

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“Famously, a lot of black humour emerges in situations of trauma. World War I, the Holocaust – bold artistic movements or comedic movements emerge as a consequence.

“The comedy comes from the fact all individuals are flawed. I am flawed.”



“Even thought I’m trying to do the right thing, I create problems and mistakes because of my nature. Like when I tried to help Ed Miliband become the prime minster of England recently and I stopped Ed Milliband becoming the prime minsiter of England by f**cking it all up.

“…I went from embarrassed to inspired, which is what happens to me most mornings when I wake up.”



“If I hadn’t been helped in the way that I was by my mum or my grandmother or the people that helped me get clean from drugs, I wouldn’t even be in the position to help anyone, so because of that I feel sense of obligation and duty. Not obligation. It makes me feel better and it makes me feel connected when I am involved in stuff that has a positive impact on other people.”



“As individuals, we are trapped a lot, but as communities we can change anything.”

“What I am mostly interested in is creating little micro-economies and businesses that are entrepreneurial and interesting for people with addiction issues to work in, so people with addiction issues can be self-supported.”



“The only way you can really make change outside of just an ambition is by some kind of spiritual connection or motivation. You could acquire billions and still be utterly miserable. I have met people who are. You can become world-famous and know nothing of yourself. The real change has to be achieved spiritually. That is my belief.”


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