The Lane


Founder Karissa Fanning gives us the grand tour & her ultimate tips to creating the office of your dreams

The Lane

Photos by Samara Leung
With 120,000 unique visitors a month, digital wedding, event and lifestyle publication The Lane is quite the crowded destination – but the same can’t be said for their breezy beachside headquarters on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

You can catch our interview with founder Karissa Fanning in Issue 26 of Collective Hub, but in the meantime take a scroll through their dreamy office space that was inspired by ‘dilapidated New York-style loft with an ethereal feel’. In a fast-paced digital world, their office is a calm, open-plan haven with lounge areas, high ceilings and an eclectic mix of textures – this expose recycled bricks, rust iron-laced balastrading, copper piping, exposed wooden beams and black and white Moroccan tiles.

Considering a workspace rehaul? Here are Karissa’s tips for styling the office of your dreams…

Think about how you want to use the space practically. For creatives, think about styling beautiful areas that best inspire creative work and don’t necessarily feel like a traditional office space.

Choose a colour palette that creates the type of mood you want to promote in your workspace. When you spend so much of your daily life at work, it’s so important to have plenty of natural light, so I’m always drawn to white, light-filled, spacious areas to promote clear thinking. White also works beautifully as a blank canvas, so that as your aesthetic evolves you can easily swap out furniture without having to completely renovate a space.

Fill your office with decor that reflects your branding and inspires your work. Your office should be a reflection of everything your brand represents.

Make sure you have your own separate area as a director or manager for private meetings. Particularly in an open-plan office, it’s important to be able to hold separate meetings that aren’t overheard by other staff, and have your own space to think clearly, uninfluenced by the daily occurrences in an office.

Be creative with spaces that you can transform. Rather than typical commercial office spaces, look for industrial warehouses, old cottage homes to renovate or light-filled lofts.

Amy Mills