10 Websites for Life-long Learners


In honour of the fact learning makes you happier AND more successful, we share some of our fave resources

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Long gone are the days where you had to haul yourself into a stuffy classroom and scribble notes in a spiral notebook. The internet opens us up to a world of endless education. You can learn anything, from coding, to sewing a dress, to French, from just about anywhere you’ve got an internet connection (hello, lilo!)

According to learning science, people who stretch their brain for as little as 15 minutes a day are happier, more productive, live longer and more successful. So, we thought we’d share with you some websites and apps that teach us new, old and interesting things. Don your curious hat and delve into hours of discovery and procrastination.

1. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is all about unlocking your creative side. You can watch live online workshops for free, covering everything from photography and video to design, business, audio, music, crafting and software training. Highlights include Photography Fundamentals, Making Remixes and How to be a Master Conversationalist.

2. Curious

Whether you’re a life-long learner or just a bit inquisitive, Curious brings together teachers around the world for a yearly fee of $89.99. According to Curious’ CEO Justin Kitch, the newer and stranger the thing is, the more your brain engages and becomes even healthier. Jump on now to learn hammock chair making, how to strum a ukulele or how to make the perfect cocktail.

3. Highbrow

Getting smarter has never been so easy. Sign up for a course, receive a five-minute email each morning for 10 days, and wallah! You’re smarter already. Courses include Incredible Female Leaders Throughout History, Equations that Changed the World and Science Questions Everyone Should Know the Answer to.

4. Lingvist

Learn a language in 200 hours? Sign us up! The good people at Lingvist want you to learn words and phrases that are relevant and used every day around the world. It also has a nifty app option so you can take Lingvist with you all over the world.

5. TED-Ed

TED’s mission is to spread great ideas, and TED-Ed’s growing library of lessons contains carefully-curated educational videos from talented educators and animators. Users can curate their own lessons, share them around the globe and track their impact. Now,  this is an idea worth spreading.

6. Guides.co

With a plethora of ‘how to’ guides, one user describes finding Guides.co as ‘stumbling upon someone’s secret notebook of spells’. There’s a guide for everything, from ‘How to get ripped abs’ to ‘The ultimate guide to monetising your blog’ and most of the content is free or available at a really affordable price.

7. Pianu

Learn to read music and play the piano in 11 simple lessons. All you need is to plug in a piano keyboard and you’ll be playing along with your favourite Sam Smith song before you know it!

8. Chesscademy

Secretly hankering to learn to play chess? Watch videos, solve puzzles and play games. You’ll be a pro in no time with this free program.

9. NASA Multimedia

Explore our solar system and beyond with free lectures and videos provided by NASA.

10. HowStuffWorks

We may no longer be three year olds asking, “Why?” at every waking moment, but we still have a lot of questions, like how ninja particles work or why people knock on wood for luck. Great news because this award-winning website will answer all your necessary and nonsensical questions.

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