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"For me at the moment I’m trying to be relaxed about things, and not be so perfect."

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Despite her now international fame, Ashley Hart is so grounded and warm it’s like hanging with an old friend. At least that’s how it felt when we caught up with the Aussie model while she was home for her ambassador roles for Just Jeans and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Ash is every bit as bubbly and sweet as she looks in billboard campaigns. As we chat, she opens up about the most outrageous thing she’s ever done for her health, her secret wedding and the motto she swears by – literally!  

We know you’re quite the yogi. Was health and wellbeing instilled in you as a child or a passion that has developed over time?

It’s really been my own journey of stumbling and learning how to truly be healthy. Like going through phases – not eating, then over eating. Thinking that I’ve got to cut out carbs and slowly just finding what works for my body and what is truly healthy. My wellbeing in terms of health and yoga has come from my upbringing [in] a conscious environment.  


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So what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your health?

Oh my god, I spent 10 days in Delhi doing Pancha Karma which is the Ayurveda cleansing method. They do the weirdest things to you. Like I was getting ghee in my eyes and drops up my nose and all these herbs that I never knew. And Vasthi’s every night – like they put things up your bum – like an enema. It was so outrageous. They go even crazier than that, like put leeches on you, but I didn’t do that. And admittedly I felt fantastic after those 10 days. But during was pretty crazy.

That is crazy! How did you end up there?

I was actually on an Indian trip – and this is a true story – a monkey stole my passport. So I got stuck in India waiting for a new passport and went to the Maharishi Ayurvedic hospital right in the middle of Delhi – it was the best thing ever. So whilst I was trying to organise getting my passport back I was in one of the craziest, best detoxes I’ve ever done. I’ve actually never told that story – it was seriously one of the craziest things!  

A lot of your life is in the public eye these days. What’s something people don’t know about you?

I feel like I’m a pretty open book. Sometimes I wish I didn’t say so much but I can’t help it. Whenever I’m asked a question I’m just really honest and open. I kind of wear my heart on my sleeve and just say it how it is in the moment. Things are constantly changing so sometimes I feel a bit vulnerable. My sister [model Jess Hart] always jokes ‘cause I’m a vegan one day and the next I’m having a ciggie and coffee. You just never know.

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What’s on the horizon for you? Can you share your big plans for the future?

I feel like such a buzzy bee at the moment. I’m trying to create some space just to be with [my new husband] Buck and have some time. It’s so important to have that balance. I would love to do a road trip. It’s been on my bucket list for so long. And Buck and I never really got to have a honeymoon, so I feel like I’d want to get an air stream and do a road trip before Christmas. I was thinking about doing it in Australia. Just to come back and be a tourist in my own country would be amazing.   

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Children. Nature. And being fully present. And I want to start something creative. Have that as a creative outlet and link it someway to giving back.  

If you could run any business in the world, which one would you want to run?

I question that daily. I think we’re all asking ourselves what our truest, deepest purpose is. If I knew what kind of business I would want to run, I would be running it, because I really can’t wait to get that calling, get that clear message from God, this is it. I feel like I’m on my way, shifting through what I love and what I don’t love.  


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Is there a motto you live by?

It’s so funny, I don’t know if I want to say it… but I will. My mantra for the last few months has been ‘fuck it’. I know that’s so terrible, but I get so wrapped up in perfection in my body and the ego attaches to different things, and we all try to be perfect in all these areas. So for me at the moment I’m trying to be relaxed about things, and not be so perfect. At the moment it’s a little bit of a ‘fuck it’ attitude. Just going for it a little bit more. Not being afraid. And not trying to be so perfect.

You got married recently – and spontaneously! Congratulations! Can you tell us about it?

It’s funny ‘cause we had a whole wedding planned. We’d been engaged for almost a year, and we were just having more arguments over it than actually looking forward to creating this beautiful thing together – which wasn’t really us. And one morning we were like, let’s just get married. Just the two of us, and make it a really ceremonious, beautiful thing. Which for me is what love is all about. It’s just between the two of you.

So you simply woke up and decided to say ‘I do’ that day?!

Yep! We just married in a little local chapel in LA. It was the most spontaneous day! And I wore a vintage dress I bought the day before for $50 bucks. I never thought I would get married in it! But I thought, hey, let’s do it! I was just allowing it all to be in the flow. I was having a ‘fuck it’ moment!

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