BTS exclusive: Your Passport To Summer


We join Alexis Ren & the Cotton On Body team for their beachside shoot in Byron


Beachside days. Spontaneous swims. Fairyfloss sunsets. It’s hard to imagine a better backdrop for Cotton On Body’s Summer 2015 collection Your Passport To Summer than Byron Bay, a sleepy surfing town known for heavenly coast and blissed-out vibes. It’s also the perfect canvas for showcasing Cotton On Body’s transition from a much-loved purveyor of sleepwear, swimwear and intimates into a brand focused on reflecting every aspect of its customer’s lifestyle.

“Cotton On Body started in 2007 as a sleepwear brand that moved into active wear, swimwear and loungewear but we adapt all the time,” says Cotton On Global Marketing Manager, Renee Smith. “The Cotton On Body girl isn’t age-specific but embodies an attitude that’s adventurous, socially engaged and cares about her wellbeing. In the last six months we’ve tried to show her in an accessible sense and look to each of these campaigns as separate chapters in her life.”

The summer campaign, which was shot by photographer Travis Grace and features models Camille Piazza and Rachel Mann – along with Alexis Ren and her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez – conjures the magic of breezy summer holidays with your closest friends. Unfolding on Clark’s Beach as well as a 1970s beachhouse, complete with a wraparound porch and oversized palm trees, the campaign features bikinis, cover-ups and harem pants in tribal patterns and shades of coral, turquoise and blue. It also captures the energy of the Cotton On Girl in a setting that’s inspiring and natural.

“We choose campaign models who are aspirational but accessible [and] could be the girl-next-door,” says Smith. “We gravitate towards women who are emerging and do real things, which is why we’re drawn to them on platforms such as Instagram. For instance, Alexis is a dancer and Camille is studying to be a yoga instructor. They’re girls we can relate to.”

The Collective was lucky enough to accompany the Cotton On creative team to Byron Bay – scroll on for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Your Passport to Summer.




Travis Grace, photographer

“The shoot drew on a really great team of creatives and the looser and freer it is, the better. The Cotton On Body brand is really clean and fresh, so I’m trying to let it unfold organically and capture that natural light and those beautiful amber tones. The light up here is perfect.”

Alexis + Jay-20


Alexis Ren, model

The quality of the range is great and everything fits the way it needs to fit and that’s rare. My favourite piece is the white bikini with the cris-cross back – I’m very feminine and love little details.



Janette Mavridis, Cotton On Body Creative Manager

When we’re putting together a campaign I work with the trend director to decide the look, fabric and colours. This campaign has a really bohemian ’70s vibe – casual but with pops of colour that are very Cotton On Body.


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