4 Instagrammers to Follow For An Insight Into The Syrian Conflict


The accounts to add to your feed for a glimpse into life on the ground

As the European refugee crisis intensifies following the mass exodus of Syrians seeking refuge in countries like Germany and Hungary, it can be hard to see past the headlines and comprehend what daily life is like for people on the ground. While we know this issue is far too serious and complex to completely come to grips with via your Insta feed, for a little more insight, here are four accounts to follow.

1) @seth_coleman

This filmmaker and journalist based in Budapest, Hungary posts multiple times a day, offering an up-close view of refugees travelling through Austria to Germany.

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2) @ponaehal Warning: this frequent traveller’s posts will tug at your heartstrings; with shots that beautifully capture the subtleties others may overlook, such as a line of barbed wire against a sea backdrop, or the shadows of police boots forming a human barricade.

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3) @unitednations The United Nations team post shots accompanied by comprehensive captions updating their followers on the latest political developments in Syria and surrounding regions.

4) @sophie_mcneill1 This Middle East correspondent for ABC news Australia has just landed on the scene, providing followers with well-shot, haunting images of the situation as it unfolds.

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