Gender Bender


The tomboys at Wildfang have us doing a double take

Gender Bender

Images courtesy of Wildfang


In the ultimate act of stealing from the guys, the tomboys behind industrial-chic retailer Wildfang have recreated eight of the most iconic Rolling Stone covers of all time.

“Given this month marks the 30th anniversary of the rock and roll hall of fame, we knew there was no one better to help launch our new collection of button ups than a few of the most badass, IDGAF, hard-rocking men in music history,” says Wildfang co-founder Emma McIlroy from their Portland headquarters. “Rolling Stone covers are so iconic, it was the first place we went for inspiration.”

Caught red-handed in the heist, here’s what Ems had to say for herself.

How did you choose which covers to recreate?

We looked for a range of musicians who captured the Wildfang spirit—confident, authentic, cheeky, and bold. We picked covers with a lot of personality and also totally different aesthetic styles. The goal was to create something badass and cheeky … I think we nailed it.

The biggest challenge you came across in this project?

It was a huge challenge to have one model recreate all the different men and their looks. The actual shoot time was about 10 minutes; hair and makeup, on the other hand, took about 11 hours. (Seriously!)

How does Rolling Stone feel about the project?

We have no idea. But I hope they love it. We are huge fans of the magazine. It’s an institution.

Was this a good move in a business sense?

We are storytellers. We don’t do much advertising, instead we prefer to create great content and hope people share it. We hope this campaign brings a ton of new Wildfangs to our site.

What’s the latest in news and trends from the forefront of the Wildfang movement?

We are working our tomboy tails off right now to finish build out of our second store. It opens in early September in Portland’s West End – right across from Ace Hotel and Poler. We’re psyched.


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