Catching up with Carissa


10 questions with the woman who's usually doing the interviewing

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Last week she was hosting brunch with Gigi Hadid, the weekend before was spent chatting to VIP artists and fashionistas at Splendour, and she’s certainly no stranger to a red carpet. However Channel V presenter, Wittner Heel to Heal ambassador and sometimes model, actress and radio personality, Carissa Walford explains it’s not just fun and games – there is a lot of toil before the cameras roll.

Who’s been your best interview to date and what made them stand out?

Cara Delevingne. We got on so well and the connection was genuine. We did a dubsmash, which was pretty ‘ground-breaking’ and became the most viewed interview on the channel.

How do you prepare for an interview?

I do hours of research and form a set of 10-15 questions that all flow nicely together. I like to have a unique angle.

Any tips for managing nerves?

I get really nervous because I always want to do a good job but when you can let go and be in the moment, the magic happens.

Most awkward interview moment?

With Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike. He may have been tired that day ; ) Some celebs are giving and with some it’s like drawing teeth. Their schedules are hectic so it’s understandable.

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about working in your industry? Has anything surprised you?

It’s hard hard hard work! Writing, producing and then being on camera is exhausting. You have to be ‘on’ the ball all the time. I also do my own makeup and stylists for the most part so I’m like a one (wo)man band. I love it though as all my hobbies are my jobs.

Favourite aspect of your job?

Talking to my favourite musicians and hearing them perform live in front of my eyes.

Least favourite?

Doing too much at once. It’s important to have time to be creative so I can come up with unique ideas and sometimes it’s gets busy and stressful.

How did you score your gig on Channel V?

I sent my showreel in after working on Fox Sports for 3-4 years as a presenter. I wanted a full time gig that involved music and fashion.

Any advice to those wanting to follow the same path?

Work hard because hard work pays off. Put in the time and effort. Start your own channel on YouTube and create lots of content. Develop your skills to a point where a business would be silly not to hire you.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt along the way?

To stick up for yourself and be aware of your boundaries. You can’t possibly do a good job if you are sick or run down. Know your limits and let other people know them too.

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