Exclusive: BTS with We Are Handsome


We went on location with We Are Handsome - see the stunning, exclusive BTS shots

Exclusive: BTS with We Are Handsome

It’s 1.30pm, there’s not a breath of wind in the air and the overhead sun is so hot that the words “we’ve got it” send almost a dozen people running in search of the nearest tree, rock or hotel umbrella with the promise of a moment’s shade.

“I think I could be a professional sweater,” laughs photographer Trevor King who’s been shooting with a towel over his head for much of the day and at one point, had to halt operations to cool down his overheating laptop.

No-one’s complaining, even though they had an early start and clambered down 197 steps to get there. There’s a few minutes to rest before outfit changes, make-up reapplications, water consumption and then it starts all over again; playing out like clockwork a further seven times that day before the final call sends everyone into the ocean.

Welcome to the photo shoot of We Are Handsome’s latest swimwear range, ‘Flux, In Bloom’ (which launched in stores and online this week with six new prints), and where we were invited to tag along for almost a week.

There are harder places to be sent for work… with the shoot unfolding at the spectacular AYANA Resort and Spa in Bali, Indonesia, famous for its rock bar suspended, as you would suspect, over the rocks. And did we mention there were 11 pools?

Label owners Jeremy and Katina Somers run a slick operation with a creative crew of seven including international models Lola McDonnell and Margo Bushueva.

But enough of that, it’s time to get lost in those pictures because it was all sandy feet, sunny days and clear-blue water…

Watch out for more BTS and the full We Are Handsome story in the October issue of The Collective as we delve into the brand that’s got everyone from Beyoncé to Rihanna talking.


The team: WAH owners/directors Jeremy and Katinka Somers, photographer Trevor King, stylist Jesse Arifien, hair stylist Luana Cosicia, make-up artist Jenny Roberts and videographer Anthony MacFarlane.

Models: Lola McDonnell, Margo Bushueva

Location: AYANA Resort and Spa and Rimba Jimbaran by AYANA in Bali

Timeframe: Five days

Mel Carswell

Deputy Editor