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Introducing Art Club Concept – the interior fashion hotspot daring us to be different

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Photos courtesy of Art Club Concept


The folk at Art Club Concept “seek to disrupt the average and inject passion into life through exciting design” – so they’re certainly speaking our language. We caught up with Ben Lawry, founder and director of the homewares and interior fashion destination to see what all this creative commotion and colour is about…

How did Art Club Concept come to be?
I launched the brand in early 2015 after a long career in fashion. I was ready for something new and exciting within the creative industry. Behind the scenes, I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing team who are as equally passionate about using art and design to create uplifting spaces and beautiful homes. My personal goal has always been to create lifestyle products that impacts people’s lives in a positive way.

Who creates the art and homewares and where does the inspiration come from?
As a team we work collaboratively to explore ideas and create design concepts; once we’re all in love with a design we bring it to life. We draw inspiration from absolutely everything! Living in Melbourne helps as there’s an endless supply of inspiration to be found around every corner.

So you call what you do “interior fashion for art lovers”…
The concept comes from the understanding that fashion is a way of expressing yourself without words. Now more than ever, the home has become a further extension of this; a way to represent personal identity and style. Being a progressive brand with our roots in fashion we felt the term ‘interior fashion’ better represents what we do. In terms of ‘art’ we treat every design like a work of art, regardless of the platform, from a cushion through to our skateboards.

Best and worst days in business so far?
Since our launch earlier this year we’ve had some amazing highlights! We’ve also faced plenty of challenges that inevitably come as a new business. The key is to always remain positive, be accountable, find solutions, constantly learn and never be afraid of failure as every challenge is an opportunity to grow. In just four months we have received an incredible response with highly regarded influencers and bloggers here in Australia and internationally featuring our homewares, as well as being stocked in our favourite homewares stores. On a deeper level, our biggest wins are the impact and enjoyment we’ve made in people lives.

Your stuff is for sale on The Block Shop. What’s your take on our fascination with home reno and interior design shows?
It’s definitely inspiring to see people no different from us design a space with so much character in only a few days – it then encourages us to give it a go for ourselves. The Block is amazing at showcasing how a well-designed space can have such a positive impact on people.

Your favourite Art Club Concept piece?
It’s hard for us to pick a favourite as we love everything we create! Collectively as a team the stand out would be our Shakey Palms cushion – it’s monochromatic meets tropical vibe. It’s been one of our bestsellers along with the Chronicles cushion, Rebellion Print and Marble Illusion Clocks.

What’s next for Art Club Concept, and what trends should be on our radars?
We’ve recently launched our Spring/Summer 15 Collection at Life Instyle Melbourne. From here, we’re planning our international launch into Europe and America in early 2016 alongside the introduction of new product ranges – Many exciting things on the horizon! This summer season trends think subtle pastel corals and teals.