Bircher Muesli In A Muffin


Chef Teresa Cutter's twist on a breakfast favourite, because everything's better in muffin form

These days, it’s hard not to be a little bit wary of “healthy” recipes. Some require mysterious ingredients (but how do we know if our almonds are ‘activated’??) or are so fiddly that we’d rather just eat the more processed version and move on with our lives. When you read this recipe for these versatile muesli muffins from Teresa Cutter, you’ll see a list of ingredients our great-grandparents would recognise and a method that won’t make you want to take a nap. Double win.

On the back of her recipe-packed website  Teresa Cutter has released two cookbooks, with her newest Purely Delicious hitting shelves in September. Until then, we’ll be cooking up these tasty little morsels this weekend and making our neighbours jealous. Care to join us?

Photo courtesy of Teresa Cutter

Muesli Muffins

Rolled oats, wholemeal spelt flour, yoghurt, apple and cinnamon – what a delicious combination! This is basically a classic bircher muesli recipe that is combined with organic eggs and baked in the oven. The end result is pure goodness and these muffins make the perfect portable healthy breakfast or snack. Oats are low-GI and rich in soluble fibre that can help lower blood cholesterol and provide lasting energy. The addition of cinnamon and apple makes these taste just like an apple strudel. I say YUM!

Makes 10  muffins

200 g (7 oz) rolled oats
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed (linseed)
Handful of raisins
1 cup natural yoghurt
1⁄4 cup olive oil or macadamia nut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla paste
2 teaspoons gluten free baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons honey or organic maple syrup
4 organic eggs
2 apples (pears are another delicious option)
125 g (4 oz) wholemeal spelt flour
Raw sugar to sprinkle


PREHEAT oven to 160°C (320°F).

COMBINE in a bowl, muesli, yoghurt, oil, baking powder, cinnamon, honey and eggs.

SOAK for 10 minutes to allow oats to soften.

ADD 1 grated apple (include skin) and juice that comes from grating.

ADD the spelt flour and mix through lightly to form your muffin batter.

SPOON into muffin tins that are lined with muffin cups.

ADD a slice of fresh apple over each muffin and sprinkle with a little raw sugar.

BAKE for 35 minutes or until muffin is cooked through.

REMOVE from the oven.

SERVE and enjoy.

This is an excerpt from Teresa Cutters’s 
Purely Delicious, which can be pre-ordered here for a September 2015 release.


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