5 must-reads from around the web


Personal advisory boards, nostalgic jams and Disney's profound lessons...

Image: Pexels

1. Many companies have a board of directors, so why shouldn’t people recruit their own too?! Former Merrill Lynch executive Sallie Krawcheck explains why we need a sounding board for life’s tougher decisions.

2. What was that great song everyone was dancing to in 1996? Or 1976? Be it pop, disco, reggae, jazz or rock, this epic Nostalgia Machine will help you get your childhood jam on again!

3. Rainbows have reigned over the internet for the past week and there have been so many heartwarming wedding photos emerging. But one of the coolest visuals of them all has to be the Supreme Court interns running to deliver the news of the US’ gay marriage legalisation.

4. The ‘Hakuna Matata’ motto has become well-embedded into our language thanks to The Lion King. Here are 15 other occasions of Disney Characters offering wise advice.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird fans rejoice… Harper Lee has just broken her 55 year hiatus with a brand new book at age 89… what a comeback!


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