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Most important meal of the day? Liz Lyons knows how to do it right!

Photos courtesy of Liz Lyons

Red velvet pancakes, banoffee porridge and morning cocktails. Breakfast has come a long way from the traditional bacon and eggs. Cafés are embracing the new trend with an increasing ingenuity when it comes to experimental breakfast dishes.

And one clever lady is tapping into our modern food-porn obsession with her popular Instagram accounts entitled Breakfast In…

Liz Lyons is a marketing consultant who combined her love of breakfast dining and foodstagraming to strike social media gold. Liz started with @BreakfastInPerth in 2013 and has now grown to become a national social media brand with over 150,000 followers across her three accounts, including @BreakfastInSydney and @BreakfastInMelbourne.

Liz shares with us how her delicious Instagram feed has sparked our taste buds and, of course, gives us the low down on some of the best brekkie spots in Sydney and Melbourne.

What was your motivation behind creating Breakfast In?
I love going out for breakfast and I love discovering new spots. I thought it could be cool to document and share these food adventures and thus – Breakfast In was born! I love helping people find a new place that I’m loving.

Did you anticipate it would be a hobby or did you see it becoming a successful business?
I never thought it would become a business. Working in marketing, I thought it would be a good idea to develop a social media project on the side. I certainly never envisioned that it would become what it is today!

What is your top tip for Instagram success?
Don’t set out to be “Insta-famous”. Focus on producing quality, unique content that meets a need or serves a purpose.

My Top 10 Breakfast Picks for Sydney and Melbourne

1. Tall Timber – Praharn, VIC
Tall Timber is simple produce done well. It’s my go-to spot when friends are visiting Melbourne and for good reason. Generous portions, quinoa porridge and Mexican-inspired dishes. Plus it’s nice and close to Chapel Street.

2. Lolo and Wren – West Brunswick
I went here for the first time the other day and have two words for you – banoffee porridge. Yes it is a thing, and yes it is delicious! Well worth a visit.

3. Magic Mountain Saloon – Melbourne CBD
If you’re a fan of an Asian-style breakfast then I recommend you check out Magic Mountain. It’s located in the CBD and does a MEAN congee. Plus they do breakfast cocktails, which makes eating breakfast in this café-come-bar feel more natural.

4. Muharam Café Hawthorn – VIC
Hello red velvet pancakes and cacao smoothie bowl.

5. Vincent the Dog – Carlton, VIC
The haloumi waffle sandwich is all sorts of wonderful.

6. Cuckoo Callay Newtown, NSW
Cuckoo Callay is as quirky as it is fabulous. It offers a number of delicious brekkie options with fun names like ‘Trout Pout’, ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Gorgeous George’.

7. Speedo’s Café -Bondi, NSW
This place has the most incredible cronuts I have ever seen. Plus their tasty acai bowl, porridge and Coco Whip chia pudding make them a must visit next time you’re in Bondi.

8. Shuk – Bondi, NSW
Shuk’s brekkie menu has a strong Middle Eastern flavour to it. I can safely say that they do one of the best shakshukas I’ve ever had. Give the green shakshuka or the beghrir pancake a go – you won’t be disappointed.

9. Vogue Café – Macquarie Park, NSW
Their gourmet milkshake range is amaze. Liquid breakfast anyone?

10. Nelson Road Tuckshop – Bondi, NSW
Breakfast at Nelson Road Tuckshop is all about healthy, wholesome food that makes you feel good. I had the hot creole salmon with lemony scrambled eggs on pumpernickel the other day and it was brilliant.

Bethany Noble


Bethany is a writer and entrepreneur based in Sydney.



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