Must-reads this weekend


Harry Potter, Legally Blonde & The Daily Show fans will all love this list

Images via Pexels & Stocksy


1. Did you girl crush over Elle Woods in the early noughties? If so, the world’s first degree in Fashion Law might be for you!

2. At last you have a chance to ‘UNSEND’ that accidental message through Gmail…here’s how!

3. Jon Stewart couldn’t perform his joke-filled job last week. Instead he shared these profound reflections on Charleston 

4. Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone’s life

5. In a series of extended writing, J.K.Rowling reveals the backstory behind why the Dursleys disliked Harry Potter quite so much

6. Fancy a Mimosa in Miami? A Daiquiri in Dallas? Here are some of the coolest rooftop bars in America

7. Glastonbury kicks off today with Florence & the Machine, Kanye, Pharrell, Mary J Blige, The Who and Mark Ronson amongst it’s stellar line up. In case you can’t make it to Somerset this year, live stream the performances here

8. Social stalkers delight as Instagram implements its newest search facility…places

9. Airbnb’s Cuban offering is expanding. Hola Havana!

10. It might surprise you to hear Jamie Oliver claims he has mucked up about 40% of his business ventures (despite his estimated GBP £180 million personal fortune…) The lesson learnt? More research & development!

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