#WholeFoodies: Instagram Wrap-Up


These 9 wholesome foodies will inspire your healthy week ahead

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Tieghan cooks and photographs everything from veggie-packed rainbow bowls to indulgent desserts. Nothing’s off limits (and we kind of like that).

If you hadn’t already guessed from her account name, Lily Kunin tries to navigate a healthy lifestyle while living in the city that never sleeps. Here she documents her daily NYC eats, one colourful meal after another.

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We love Aussie Sneh Roy’s blog (so much so, we featured one of her amazing pasta recipes here) and her Instagram is just as mouth-watering. Sneh’s blog is all about nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients and the occasional mind-blowing treat thrown in for sanity’s sake.

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David Frankiel has authored two cookbooks since launching his blog so it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to vegetarian food. His feed is a mishmash of beautifully photographed dishes, with a few glimpses into his life thrown in for good measure.

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The youngest of the bunch, Moky is 18 years old living in Italy. Her feed is a tribute to a plant-based diet as colourful as her home nation.

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Grace describes herself as a “chef and writer” but she’s also a pretty awesome photographer. If you’re into that imperfect, rustic sort of food photography, this is your girl.

It may not be a “health” blog per se, but Deb Perelman’s hearty, family-style meals (like these broccoli fritters) still focus on a balanced life with quality ingredients and lots of veggies. Her blog, with plenty of insights into her food-centred family, is also a must-read.

Ella Woodward gave up meat, dairy, sugar and gluten for health reasons and her blog was a way of documenting the (delicious-looking) recipes she created that fit into her new diet.

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If you’re not one of the 2.8 million people following Jamie Oliver already, then you’re seriously missing out. The man is passionate about healthy home cooking and his feed is seriously inspiring.

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