9 Feeds Even Instagram Is Following


You know you're doing something right when Instagram starts following you

From the forests of Kiev to mermaid tails in Florida, these Instagrammers have managed to capture the attention of the social platform itself.

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Melbourne-based Phil Ferguson creates elaborately crocheted hats that look like food and other random household objects. And the process? Simpler than you think. Phil says he taught himself how to crochet by watching videos online and he doesn’t plan or sketch each project, preferring to “just do”. Is it just us or would his creations solve every costume party dilemma, ever?


The breathtaking photos that 21-year-old Anna Derzhanovskaya shares on her feed look like another world, but every photo depicts her hometown Kiev and the natural beauty surrounding it. What’s more, every single shot is captured on her iPhone.

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If you’ve just talked yourself out of a tattoo, look away now. Caitlin Thomas translates her intricate illustrations into body art that ranges from the most subtle of marks to sweeping limb-enveloping designs. Although she cites maze-like 18th and 19th century line engravings as inspiration, when asked to describe her aesthetic she says simply “minimalist”.


As one of the few international photographers ever granted access to North Korea, David Guttenfelder’s feed is opening a window to what is an extremely isolated country. “I feel a huge responsibility to share what I see and to show it as accurately as I can,” says David. “There are so many curious, strangely beautiful or melancholy details around us here.”

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There’s a guy in the US making your childhood dreams of swimming like a mermaid a reality. Meet Eric Ducharme, the man who’s been obsessed with mermaids for as long as he can remember and has managed to build a burgeoning business out of it. His tails are created using silicone, urethanes and latex but he’s continually experimenting with new materials to create the most “realistic” tail possible. 


Swedish photographer Patrik Svedberg has been taking photos of the same tree for three years through rain, hail or snow (literally). Patrik says the tree is the main character, but he insists the stories he’s trying to tell are those that are happening around the tree, not to it.

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Leo Sheng uses his Instagram feed to record the transitions in his life, most notably his transition from female to male. “My photos mean a lot to me — all of them,” says Leo. “I share them without apologies.” His journey has even caught the attention of Miley Cyrus, who invited him to be part of an Instagram photo series for her Happy Hippie Foundation — an initiative that sets out to help LGBT youth in need.

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Tristan Bogaard has a pretty sweet gig. He’s currently touring Europe by bike and documenting his ever-changing surroundings on his (beautifully curated) Instagram feed. His carefully-planned route passes through the Amalfi Coast in Italy and the forests of Norway, before coming to an end in the nation’s picturesque Bergen.


At first glace, photographs of Fideli Sundqvist’s creations look artificial, almost like they’re scenes generated on a computer. But they’re legitimate three-dimensional environments made entirely out of paper (albeit meticulously cut paper) and sticky tape. Fideli gives her Instagram followers a behind the scenes look at how she does it, and it makes for fascinating scrolling.

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