9 Feeds to Make You Think: Instagram Wrap-up


From the funny to the heartfelt, these feeds will make you stop in your tracks

Étoilé (feminine: étoilée) | Starry | /e.twa.le/

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French Words doesn’t just teach expressions you might actually need to utter in France (like c’est tout – “that’s all”) but also those that you can only hope to drop into every day conversation (like Choixpeau magique – “Sorting Hat”.)


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Samantha Lee shares her meticulously arranged and imaginative meals that each tell their own story. What started as a clever way to get her two young daughters to eat has earned Samantha almost 700k fans.


Consider Satiregram the antidote to every achingly cliché photo you’ve seen on Instagram ever. The descriptions are so spot-on you’re bound to find one (or ten) that you’re guilty of posting yourself…


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Rachel’s drawing may look (relatively) simple at first, but when you hit “play” and watch a whole scene unfold on a piece of paper, you’ll realise just how talented this self-taught artist is.


If you’ve ever wanted to ask someone on public transport what they’re reading – but stopped yourself because you didn’t want to seem creepy – this is the feed for you. Follow for totally candid, brief and honest book reviews of what people are reading on their way around New York.


In a nutshell, Nitch brings you inspirational people and the inspirational things they have said. From our ever-inspirational cover star Amy Poehler to Elvis Presley, this feed will be your daily dose of awesomeness.

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Melbourne-born, Brooklyn-based designer Mete Erdogan turns conversations he overhears in New York into typographic pieces of art. His work has become so popular he’s even started selling prints, shirts, cushions and bags with his artwork on the front.


Okay, this is an oldie but it’s still a goodie. Humans of New York has reached worldwide phenomenon status, but Instagram is the perfect platform to get a glimpse into the extraordinarily ordinary lives of New York City’s residents.

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We love accounts that spark our imaginations and Javier Pérez does just that. The Ecuadorian artist turns everyday objects into simple, whimsical drawings that will make you never look at a paperclip the same way again. 

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