10 Must-Clicks this Weekend


Our Friday finds from around the web that inform, intrigue and inspire

Photos: Courtesy of Pexels


1. Wondering what the magic recipe is for success in life and business? Adam J. Kurtz breaks it down in to 8 simple tips

2. If you havn’t read it already, make sure the tissues are nearby for Sheryl Sandberg’s extraordinarily wise take on grief

3. Writing a business plan? Not sure where to start or what to include? Check out this great advice from various Creative Entrepreneurs

4. Love an image? Don’t want to commit it to ink forever? Turn your photos into temporary tattoos 

5. Despite popular belief, exhaustion is not a status symbol. Why the glorification of tired & busy is so unhealthy

6. Imagine stumbling across your ‘personal’ Instagrams for sale in a public art gallery…it could happen! One woman’s has been sold for $90,000 without her permission.

7. Want to know where the safest and most dangerous places to live are? Harvard finds cities with higher rates of immigration rates have lower rates of crime

8. From the best way of introducing people to packing like a fashion editor…find out how to do ANYTHING here!

9. Try this admin audit on Monday and see how it transforms your week

10 Our editorial team and other proper-apostrophe-appreciators will enjoy these grammatical mugs at afternoon tea time



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