10 Links We Love


Bucket listing, iPhone snapping & ethical shopping... we've bookmarked some goodies for your weekend browsing

Images via Pexels


1. How closely do you listen to the messages in music? Enjoy some nubbins of wisdom from everlasting song mavens

2. You’ll be amazed that these pictures were taken on an iPhone. See the winners of this year’s IPPAWARDS

3. For some lesser known ways to make more out of your minutes, try these 6 unconventional time management tools

4. Here’s a different kind of bucket list that deserves our attention – and it’s all about looking within

5. Ever wanted to visit Norway? No need to leave your seat with this interactive webcam

6. Keep fit AND help a community project. The Good-Gym offers an even greater motivation to work-out

7. Did you know, you could merge your senses by turning any sound into a piece of art?

8. Insta love: We often look up to find beauty, but this collection of spectacular floors are worth casting your eyes down for

9. Get stylish AND supply chain savvy with this awesome digital ethical shopping assistant

10. From the Gobi Desert to Urban Phone Booths, it seems libraries are still very much in demand, check out some of the world’s most improbable ones

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