10 Friday Finds


Cosmic discoveries to graduate advice... Our weekly round-up from around the web

Photos: Courtesy of Pexels


1. Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, explains why trying to be likable can be detrimental.

2. #Nofilters, green smoothies & humble brags, Instagram Satirised… on Instagram!

3. Can you guess where the highest concentration of female start-up founders are based?

4. Struggling to find time to exercise around work? Check out this genius invention and do both at the same time!

5. Finding your place: The difference between an American and a French commencement speech.

6. A schoolboy (read: astronomical prodigy) legitimately discovered a new planet. We’d call that a pretty successful week of work experience!

7. What was once a railway station is now this beautiful Mallorcan house. European summer plans anyone?

8. East London’s skyline resembled Cappadocia this week. Enjoy the incredible photo gallery.

9. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Use this fun simple tool to make sure they are just to your taste!

10. Video gone viral: This fabulously sassy six-year-old seems to be channeling Aretha Franklin and has even gained The Queen of Soul’s respect.

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