TEDxSYDNEY: 8 of our old favourites


Some of the most memorable TXS moments to date



The Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House will be abuzz with ideas, connections and conversations tomorrow as TEDxSydney returns for its 2015 main event.

We will be on the ground bringing you highlights as they happen (via @collectivehub Twitter), but in the meantime here are some unforgettable talks, performances and content pieces from past years.


1. Tom Thum: Beatbox Brilliance


2. Stella Young: Inspiration, Porn and the Objectification of Disability


3. Megan Washington: The Thing Is, I Stutter


4. Barat Ali Batoor: Documenting Asylum Seeking


5. Tim & Judy Sharp: A Double Shot of Happiness


6. Ron McCallum: How To Read When You’re Blind


7. Jennifer Robinson: Courage Is Contagious


8. First Taste


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