Anna Kendrick: The Outtakes


7 hilarious quotes from when we caught up with the star of Pitch Perfect 2

In our latest issue we catch up with Anna Kendrick – actress, singer and unanimously the funniest person on Twitter – to talk her hilarious partnership with Kate Spade, social media etiquette, and the reality of life on those days when you’re just holding it all together.

But before that, Anna had us just a tad side-tracked. Read on for the hilarious outtakes from our exclusive interview.

1. What she’s been up to today
I had a meeting with a director in Echo Park in, like, an old, tiny diner that made me think of that family – the Source family – that became a cult in the ’70s. So that was kind of fun. The food was good and all but now that I have seen that documentary, The Source Family – I can’t eat at healthy restaurants without assuming they’re a cult.
I think I want to run away and lead a cult… I would lead a cult that mostly revolves around movie quotes, where they couldn’t actually communicate to each other in rational sentences, you would just have to quote movies. That would be my social experiment.

2. Her ideal business
Definitely a bakery. Maybe like a bakery-juicery so you could get your juice and [it] makes you feel all good and healthy about yourself that you deserve a delicious baked treat. [My favourite is] probably vanilla donuts with a strawberry glaze.

3. Getting misunderstood on Twitter
I had a joke that I did a while back about how, to me, when you can tell a comedian has done something just so they can talk about it in their stand up set, like going on a blind date or having kids. And obviously, having kids, I was just joking, like, that’s not why comedians have kids, it’s not for material. But I thought that was like an okay joke and nobody got it. One person understood what I meant and everybody else was like ‘yeah!’, or ‘like when they all talk about airplane food and that sucks’ and I was like ‘no, I was just kidding…’ It was weirdly like a bunch of people being like ‘yeah, comedians suck’ and was like ‘that wasn’t what I was saying’.

4. Worst person she’s accidentally insulted
I was trying to tell Colin Firth about how I was watching Bridget Jones on a plane and I had taken a sleeping pill. And he was like ‘did you just tell me you fell asleep to Bridget Jones, like you fell asleep during the movie?’ And I was like ‘no, no, no that’s not [it] I don’t remember why I started telling this story, I took a sleeping pill, oh god…’ But I doubt he even remembers it, I’m like an idiot that was talking to him at a party four years ago but it haunts me.

5. Those moments that leave you lying awake at night
I don’t know if they’re from my career or from normal life. But yeah, I know that feeling where, like right when you’re about to fall asleep, it’s like somebody punched you in the stomach with a horrible memory of an idiotic thing you did. And it doesn’t matter if it was last week or literally when you were six years old it’s just as palpable – you’re like ‘oh my god, I’m such an idiot in that eighth grade play that was so stupid.’

6. Her fascination with red pandas… and all cute animals
Oh my, yeah, dude. It’s really crazy – they look like babies. There aren’t very many animals that stay super, super cute when they’re fully grown versions of themselves. But red pandas – they’re just as cute as the babies, I just want to have a pet [red panda] just wandering around the house, being naughty and causing mischief, chewing up my DVDs and all that sh*t. Oh, that’s my dream.
Oh! But the new thing I’m into is pygmy marmosets. Like I didn’t even know these things existed until I saw a video of someone brushing it with a toothbrush. I just want to get three or four for the house… you know, I wake up in the morning and they’re pulling at my hair because they want to go for a walk or whatever pygmy marmosets want to do.

7. And that moment we told her about binturongs, an animal that smells like buttered popcorn…
WHAT?! Okay, what are they called? Oh my god, great, that’s great – you’ve just given me a whole new category of YouTube videos to waste the day away with.

Read our full interview with Anna in Issue 21 of The Collective, on sale now.

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