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Victoria Villasana needs to be on your radar

Photo: Hugo Nogueira

Her site’s got the glossies all in a tizzy, touting Style Marmalade, ‘one of the best new fashion blogs’, so we pulled up a chair and had a chat with the bright young thing.

Growing up in a big family in Mexico, Victoria Villasana spent most weekends playing outdoors with her cousins and enjoying generous meals with her extended family. And these days, though she’s nearly 9000 kilometres away in London, she’s still surrounded by the things that make her happy.

“I try to keep my desk as tidy as possible but sometimes it’s impossible,” says the woman Vogue, Elle, and the New York Times, have all named a ‘blogger to watch’. “I have paintings, pieces of fabric, notebooks, collages, photos, magazines, books…”

For the innovator behind collaborative website Style Marmalade, it’s the perfect environment to dream up the next offering.

“Since I can remember I enjoyed drawing or making anything crafty. These days I make a mixture of things; collages, paintings, photography, and mix them with fashion.”

“I love collaborating with all sorts of creative filmmakers, photographers, journalist, artists, illustrators, musicians. As long as they have passion,” she says.

Photo: Victoria Villasana

The end result is a site rich with style, stories and magazine-worthy shots. And there’s more to it than click-magnet images. Between the stunningly shot Diesel SS15 Collection preview and a cheeky little winter cape DIY project featuring a tablecloth and a cold London street, is a post on the hijab and why some women choose to wear it.

“Style Marmalade is about personal style and creativity, it’s about expressing yourself through clothes and having fun with it. It’s not about following trends to the rule, posing and fake business,” asserts Victoria, adding sustainability is a clear focus for her and the team.

“We all need to spread sustainability awareness and evolve by creating better methods that will benefit our planet. Today [it’s] not enough to think only in profit, it is mandatory to do things right, fair trade and without pollution, for us and the future generations. Sustainability can go hand in hand with fashion as we’ve seen a lot of great designers making more eco-friendly clothing.”

Before turning back to the creative cornucopia on her desk, Victoria has a last word of advice for budding style bloggers. “Know yourself and be yourself. I know it sounds like a cliché but it’s actually one of the hardest things to do when we have so much influence and distractions around us.”

Photo: Sara Reverberi


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