Overheard at MBFWA


8 weird things we heard at fashion week

Photo: Michele Ham

Truth is always stranger than fiction – especially at fashion week. Here’s a collection of the weirdest things we heard throughout the festivities. 


“I love that Balenciaga bag, do you think she bought it especially to match Carriageworks?”

“Yeah, probably.” – During day-one registration


“Do you know if there’s any food? Sometimes they bring some out. Very small canapés.” – Overheard in the Star Lounge


“This is fashion week people, not the bus, you can’t just choose your own seat.” – Overheard from an outraged PR at The Innovators show


“The Russians have finally discovered Sydney.” – Overheard lining up for the Daniel Avakian show


“If someone had told me last year that I’d be wearing flares everyday…” – Overheard outside of Carriageworks


“We snuck in here, we weren’t even invited to fashion week.” – Overheard from two drunk uni students in the exclusive Star Lounge


“You know, I hate kale. I know it’s healthy, but it’s like eating grass.” – Overheard in the Star Lounge


“Why are people in fashion so dirty? There’s sh*t all over this bathroom!” – Overheard in the bathrooms



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