Modern Legacy: MBFWA Essentials


What does a style blogger take to fashion week?




As the fashion elite descend upon Sydney for 2015 MBFWA, we caught up with the brains behind style blog Modern Legacy, Kaitlyn Ham. She gave us a candid look into what she’ll be carrying around this week from show to show. True to her sartorial trademark, her fashion week must-haves are a tribute to black, white and silver.

1. Show invitations: ‘When so much is digital these days, it’s nice to see designers still sending out printed invitations. It adds a personal touch.’

2. Camera + spare lens: ‘I take this FUJIFILM X10 with me everywhere – it shoots like a DSLR  but is much more compact. Sometimes you want to get a quick photo but your phone won’t quite cut it.’

3. Sunglasses: ‘I’m never without a pair of sunglasses no matter what I’m doing. And let’s face it, they’re a street-style essential.’

4. Spare accessories: ‘Just in case I want to switch things up. I like having some other options with me.’

5. Headphones: ‘Essential for zoning out between shows.’

6. Phone & Wallet: ‘Obviously! My mum always says as long as you’ve got a phone and a credit card, you’ll be okay.’




Photography by Kaitlyn Ham & Hannah Roche

Michele Ham



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