MBFWA: Watson x Watson


The designer sisters share business lessons and Studio 54 nostalgia


WATSON x WATSON launched at Australian fashion week three years ago, but sisters Liberty and Somer Watson are already making big strides in the market, thanks to their on-trend and super wearable pieces.

Yesterday at Carriageworks they proved once again that they know what women want to wear, showing light denim patchwork pieces, the perfect little red dress, and an effortless navy tuxedo that I need in my wardrobe now. We caught up with them before the show.

Tell us about the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Somer: It’s how the best nights of your life are always the ones that you don’t plan. Like, you might end up going out in your day clothes, sensible shoes, and then suddenly get invited to the most epic party.

We’re inspired by that girl who can just borrow an earring from a girlfriend’s handbag and put together a look that works. It’s the girl who doesn’t care how she looks and is the first on the dance floor, the girl who was having the most fun at Studio 54. It’s all about attitude – our brand is really an expression of relaxed glamour.

You’re quite new to the industry, but you’ve already launched your own boutique and dressed people like Giselle and Rihanna. What’s the secret?

Liberty: The business is good fun, but you do have to have that work ethic, to be prepared to not see your husband and work seven days a week and then some. We’ve always had a clear vision of what the brand’s DNA would be – a quality, beautiful brand of all the pieces your wardrobe is missing.

It’s taken a lot of hard work, but we seem to attract positive energy and have gone from strength to strength. I’ve been stopped in the street by women saying that our leather pants have changed their life.

What’s your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Somer: Do work experience first at different ends of the spectrum – go work at a massive company and then try a boutique designer, work out where your niche is and what you enjoy.

Liberty: And have some money behind you before you start! I had to sell two houses before we could do this. We had to have our nest eggs prepared, and I always warn others to do the same.


Photography by Lucas Dawson


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