MBFWA: Top 10 Trends


These are only trends you need to know

From bared flesh, flares to flats, these are the ten key trends that were everywhere at this year’s fashion week. Read on for glimpse into your sartorial future.


1. Anyone for tennis?

Preppy, court-side inspiration was all over Australian Fashion Week, with up-and-coming label Worn incorporating sweatbands and images of Björn Borg into their modern collection, and clean, sporty pinstripes appearing everywhere from Gary Bigeni to TOME. We Are Handsome even held their runway show at the legendary White City tennis court in Paddington. We’ll be wearing tennis whites all year round and adding soft cottons, preppy pinstripes and athletic touches to our outfits.


2. Flares everywhere

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but flares are back… for all your limbs. Ellery kicked the look off on Sunday, but everyone from Daniel Avakian to Aje did their own take on the ‘70s staple. Wear flared pants and sleeves to embrace the full look, or pair with a tuxedo jacket or crisp white shirt to bring the trend into the 2015 office.


Above: Aje gave a sheer interpretation of the flare Photo: Lucas Dawson


3. Structure and shape above all else

See point 2! From accordion pleats at Michael Lo Sordo, to playful volume at Romance Was Born and casual trains at 10 Pieces, beautiful shapes were all over the runway last week. When choosing outfits in the coming months, let colour and print take a backseat to striking silhouettes, and don’t be afraid to layer.


4. Texture

Lace, suede and feathering had a strong presence on the runway, with texture, again, trumping colour. Gary Bigeni’s poultry like black and white, calf-length skirt was the perfect accompaniment to a white shirt, but no one did it better than Romance Was born. We can’t wait for their beaded black cape jacket and lace Sturt Desert Pea dress to hit stores.


5. The cummerband

But not as you know it. At TOME, Gary Bigeni and Ellery, ties and wide belts add a touch of the oriental to clean, fresh lines. Think more kimono wrap than dated tuxedo addition, and then cinch it over dresses, tops, blazers – pretty much anything – to instantly look modern.


Above: Cummerbands cinched in otherwise masculine shapes at Gary Bigeni Photo: Sonny Vandervelde


6. Metallics and orange

When colour did appear, it was always bold and striking, with glimpses of shimmering gold, bronze and silver featuring at Ellery, Tony Maticevski, Zhivago and Ginger and Smart. Over at Jennifer Kate, Akira and Wang Yutao, matt terracotta orange was favoured. Throw on a bold jacket or skirt to update your work wardrobe.


7. Skin

#Freethenipple was out in full force, with Kate Sylvester, Michael Lo Sordo, By Johnny and Steven Khalil experimenting with elegant sheer fabrics. Strapless and plunging necklines also made a comeback both on the runway and in the street style galleries. Of course, bras are mandatory for office wear, but the glimpses of skin added a feminine touch to what was otherwise quite an androgynous week of shows.


8. Suiting with a twist

We saw plenty of great shirts and blazers this year at Han, Daniel Avakian and Watson x Watson, but they were all worn in playful new ways – styled under dresses, tied across model’s bodies and worn alone to create sexy, low-cut silhouettes. Look for classic investment pieces, but don’t be afraid to play with them a little bit.


Above: Watson x Watson’s fresh take on suiting Photo: Lucas Dawson

9. Comfort

Flat shoes were the choice at Jennifer Kate, Kate Sylvester and Gary Bigeni, and relaxed ponytails and buns were everywhere. Hemlines were longer, shirts were looser. Everyone just looked pretty comfy, and we loved it.


10. Astrid Holler

It’s not a trend you can wear, but this girl (below at Michael Lo Sordo) is one to watch. Seriously, we could count on one hand the number of shows the young model didn’t open. And at the end of the week she jetted straight over to LA to walk the runway for Burberry.


Model-of-the-moment Astrid Holler walks at Michael Lo Sordo Photo: Lucas Dawson

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