MBFWA: Toni Maticevski


5 minutes with the legendary designer


The legendary designer’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was one of the most breath-taking shows of the week, featuring exquisite detailing, playful accessories and lashings of volume. Paraded in front of a geometric white wall, colour took a back seat to structure and shape this season, but despite plenty of drama, Maticevski still manages to master restrained elegance like no one else.

We caught up with him before the show.

What’s your inspiration for this collection? Who is the woman you designed for?
I design for all sorts of women. I never limit a woman to a singular style or aesthetic. It’s inspiring to see what women find and respond to in the pieces I make, how they like to piece things together, how they feel in the clothes, the attention they receive and the way they carry themselves.

Talk us through the vision behind this collection?
Well, you’ll have to wait and see. It’s about scale and abstraction and really being bold, which is something I love playing with and something to hopefully excite.

This is a crazy time of year, what’s your saving grace that keeps you going in the lead up to fashion week?
It’s crazy, but I have so much ready before hand. And I have a great team, which has meant that my load has eased in some regards and allows me to focus on other parts of my work.

What’s the most challenging part of running your own label?
Being able to fit about 3 years of work into a year.

What’s the most rewarding?
Seeing my mum sitting front row and this year my little niece is here for her first show. It’s also a bit of a reward for all of my team who have worked so hard to be a part of it and engage in the vision with me.

What’s the one lesson you’ve learnt that you’d like to pass on to young designers?
Experiment and play. Always be nice and smile with your heart.




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