MBFWA: Michael Lo Sordo


The designer reveals why high fashion still sells


Michael Lo Sordo revealed one of the most beautiful and ethereal collections this fashion week, bringing the ‘70s glamour black with delicate accordion prints, feminine cuts, drop waists and swooping necklines. With a red, white and soft pink colour palette, the audience was transported to a more delicate time.

Talk me through the Resort 2015 collection:
It was just about creating beautiful clothes. I love to dress ‘the girl’, I want her to feel beautiful, you know it should be easy. The colour palette was really nice and simple, the clothing was simple enough, the work was all in the fabrication.

The pleats were amazing!
We’ve touched upon it in the last couple of years, so I wanted to bring it up and pump it up so this collection everything was pleated to create the element of elevation.

Who’s the woman you’re designing for?
Our woman varies, it’s just about a woman who’s confident enough to want to be different, but still elegant and classic and just so beautiful.

How have you found running your own business?
It’s very difficult, but we’ve always grown at a rate that we were able to sustain. Of course I’ve made mistakes but from them I’ve learnt that it’s all about planning and not taking too much on, financially and creatively. You just have to have the right people around you and not be afraid to ask for help.

Your looks are super ethereal and high fashion – how do you translate that to your retail collections?
You know what, the thing is at the moment that we’ve been getting so many requests for those special pieces. We obviously do smaller runs of them but there is a big demand for it and people are willing to pay the price to have something unique. It’s inspiring to me to know that people still do that.

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