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Jessica Bellef, Head of Styling at Temple & Webster

Jessica Bellef Portrait 2
Photo: Denise Braki

As Head of Styling at inspirational homewares retailer Temple & Webster, Jessica Bellef’s weekdays are spent darting from her desk to photo shoots.

5.20 am

I live south of Sydney in the Royal National Park with my fiancé Beau. We are surrounded by trees and look across Fisherman’s Bay toward Burraneer Bay in the Shire. Our home location helps keep the work/life balance- the clean air is good for the head and heart. On the downside, my alarm goes off at 5.20 am and we have to navigate the traffic on the Princes Highway to get to work and back each day.  Oh well.  It’s breakfast in the dark on work days.


We listen to Radio National on the drive to work but I only take half of it in- my brain is racing with all the things that need to be done in the next 10 hours. As Head of Styling I make sure our in-house studio team have all the info and materials they need to create the beautiful images you see on our website. We work to tight deadlines and each day is a juggling act. One little hiccup can cause a complete reshuffle of the shoot schedule, but our team are easy going and flexible and the job always gets done to the highest standard. I drop Beau off at his work and stop for my morning coffee- I am pretty silent in the morning until I take that first sip.

Photo: Jessica Bellef @JessicaBellef


I pull up to T&W HQ in Alexandria. It’s a cool warehouse space with lots of natural light and an open plan layout, with our photographic studio taking up a chunk of the floor. We shoot in our studio most days of the week and one of my jobs is to schedule the rotation of our talented freelance stylists and photographers. I catch up with the studio team and we look over what shots need to be done by the end of the day, checking that all samples have arrived and that their proposed concepts for the shoots are on-brief.


My desk sits right next to the studio space and on shoot days I bunny hop between my desk and the studio. I sit next to our Creative Director Chris Deal and we constantly bounce ideas off each other, while throwing one thousand and one pop culture references into the mix. I work closely with our Buying, Marketing and Editorial teams and this integrated approach to sale events and editorial is something we excel at. It takes a massive team effort to get the concepts off the ground and into our member’s inbox.

Photo: Jessica Bellef @JessicaBellef


Lunch is important to the Creative team- we make sure we stop work and eat together. Most days we will just pull up a table and chairs in the studio. But Alexandria is really starting to fill up with new lunch spots so if we have the time we will venture out for a team lunch. Substation on McEvoy St is a favourite of mine.


The desk/studio bunny hop continues into the afternoon. Over past three years, T&W has been involved in TV production, tradeshows, public exhibitions and home makeovers, amongst so much more. I have played a part in bringing these things to life, whether it has been through sourcing product, designing spaces or presenting to the public. Every single day is different- the learning never stops on this crazy ride.


My fiance meets me at T&W HQ and we hit the Princes Highway again, listening to This American Life and catching up on our day, eager to get back to our home amongst the trees.

Photo: Jessica Bellef @JessicaBellef

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