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After a five-year hiatus, Daniel Avakian is back doing what he loves


After stepping out of the limelight for five years, designer Daniel Avakian will again be bringing his modern, structured aesthetic to the MBFWA runway. Hear what he has to say about his upcoming collection and what’s keeping him up at night.

Your label hit the racks in 2007, after which you took a five year hiatus. What spurred this step out of the limelight, and was it a hard decision to make?

This past five years has been an exciting time for me. It was my decision to step out of the limelight and I am thankful that I made it. It allowed me to appreciate both the values required to evolve as a creative and also further understand the dynamics involved in the business of fashion.

Fashion is more than just creating on trend product to me, it’s about the pursuit of perfecting artistic flair and commerciality. I do it because I love it.

When did you know you were ready to re-launch?

In mid-2013 I was sitting with my girlfriend at a café in Kings Cross designing her a dress on a napkin. She made a comment about a dress I made in 2008 and it reminded me of that time, so I decided to give it a shot.

How did you harness digital forces (your site and social media) for the comeback?

The DANIEL AVAKIAN website allows customers around the world a chance to obtain one of our pieces. I am still always amazed by how brilliantly the digital landscape allows instant access to our customer(s). Imagine trying to explain today’s world to someone pre-90’s – they would think you were a lunatic!

These days, what kinds of things get you running to the sketchpad – what’s inspiring you?

The upcoming collection is an irreverent interpretation of American sports versus clean lines. When designing I like to chuck all my ideas into the air and etch out the silhouettes I feel are relevant. An overall boxier silhouette feels fresh to me at the moment.

What current projects are keeping you awake at night?

There are several things keeping me up, the first is a Victorian style chair I found on the side of the road in January. I am re-upholstering it and thanks to YouTube tutorials I have taught myself how to deep button the patent leather hide. I have decided to go for a ‘monochrome’ finish. I can’t believe what some people throw out! The second is the new collection we are presenting at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in April.

Best piece of advice on coming back with a bang?

Bang? There is no big bang, I’m just a guy who loves to design frocks and make women look and feel beautiful.


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