The Minimalist


Less is more for this interior design mecca


“I definitely do not have a separate home and work life,” laughs Leah Taylor. “Most would say my [work-life] balance is completely off.”

It’s no wonder. After all, the owner of online store The Minimalist has just opened a bricks-and-mortar shop underneath her family’s home.

“I’m always switched on and thinking about ideas; I even dream about ideas for The Minimalist and wake up and write them down! But one of the best parts of having your own business is being able to have an idea and then to implement or work on it or experiment with it right away,” she says.

While Leah may have called her store The Minimalist, an apt description of a carefully curated collection of Leah’s clean and restrained style, it’s certainly not stopping her from making The Minimalist’s presence felt in Australia and well beyond.

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Photography: Dani Chloe Potts


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