Piper Morrissey


Growing up on our television screens


Appearing in shows like Home & Away to Secrets & Lies, Piper Morrissey has practically grown up on our television screens. We sat down with her to hear about life on set, musical talents and keeping plot twists under wraps.

You landed your debut role on ABC’s Crownies at the tender age of nine. How did it feel to walk on set for the very first time?

So exciting and nerve racking! I remember I came in with my little backpack that had my Nintendo DS in it and it was so amazing to see the set!

We’ve heard that Kate Ritchie was like a mother figure for you at Home and Away, where you played her on-screen daughter. What was the best piece of advice she gave you?

There was a lot but probably… to trust myself in the choices I make.

We’ve also heard that you study piano, and very interestingly, the xylophone! What’s your favourite tune to play?

Well, I actually stopped doing Xylophone a few years ago, but my favourite thing to play on the piano is “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith.

Your latest television series, Secrets & Lies, is a good old whodunit. Before the finale aired, how hard was it to keep the culprit under wraps?

Well, I did get myself into a couple of situations where I really had to bite my tongue but let’s just say I was glad when I didn’t have to keep it a secret anymore!

What would be your absolute dream role to play, and why?

My dream role would be to play a dancer so I could do my two favourite things! Acting and Dancing.

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