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Lisa Messenger gets up close and personal with our latest cover girl


When I saw Jen tweeting about reading – and loving – my book Daring & Disruptive I had two immediate thoughts. 1. Wow, completely humbled (she said there were two books on her reading list – mine and Steve Jobs’ biography). 2. We need to do something together. Pronto!

I love the layers upon layers of this girl – the respected model, the strategic property mogul, the successful entrepreneur and, all the while, the smiling and relaxed girl-next-door. It’s that layering that makes her the perfect cover for this month’s issue of The Collective, celebrating our second anniversary as a magazine.

Jen is not just the face, but also the brains behind a multi-layered global business and a huge property portfolio. Note to Jen: we are sorry that we grilled you on the details, but it’s all so interesting! And it turns out that, unlike many other model-entrepreneurs, Jen’s entrepreneurial streak came before fame and fortune, and she managed to buy her first house right at the beginning, when she was a struggling model just making a name for herself.

“I didn’t just go from a small rental property to – bang! – a big house on the water,” Jen told us. “It’s been a big journey. I always had this tunnel vision, which I’m sure can be annoying at times, because once I get onto something I can’t think of anything else until I achieve it.” You can see why I thought she was perfect for The Collective.

Don’t think you have anything in common with the former Miss Universe? You might be surprised by what you learn from our interview…

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Jen couldn’t have been a better choice for this special second-anniversary edition, embodying everything we stand for as a magazine – to live your best life, to unashamedly follow your passions, to work hard in whatever you do and to make a positive difference along the way. As she told us: “If you just tackle many different plans and expand on your mind, you can’t lose.”

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