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The new organic skin care range that's good enough to eat


Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm of Earth Tu Face have created a luxurious skincare range so natural you can literally eat their face cream.

How did the two of you meet and begin working together?

We met [while] doing a three-year herbalist certificate program in Berkeley, California. We were the only people in our class with gardens and growing medicinal herbs on a larger scale. We decided to combine our forces.

How do you find the perfect ingredients?

We use ingredients that we know really well and have proven results. Most of them we have grown in our gardens, hand processed and used on ourselves, friends and clients. If we’re sourcing an ingredient from another grower or supplier, we research everything about the company’s practices and background. We make sure the ingredient is grown sustainably – not just organically. We don’t use palm oil because of its huge impact on the destruction of the rainforest and primate habitat and we don’t use plants that have become endangered due to over harvesting. You don’t have to choose one over the other – a win-win solution is always possible.

So, how are your products edible?

We use food-grade, as opposed to cosmetic-grade, ingredients in all of our products. Food grade is higher quality [than] cosmetic grade, which is a by-product of natural components not deemed safe to eat. It’s literally safe enough to eat, so you can feel good about putting it all over your body.

What have been the challenges?

It feels like we’ve had to invent the rules as we go. We’re working to pioneer a new paradigm in the beauty industry and the business world. There wasn’t anyone who had walked the road and could tell us how to do this. So often we’ve done the opposite of advice that was given to us because we knew old thinking and old business models wouldn’t work for what we are trying to do.



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