With little effort, Yan Yan Chan epitomises the essential cool girl

Houndstooth(1)From Sydney to NYC, this blogger is going back to her roots to explore the world of drawing in the city that never sleeps.


Age: 20

Born/Raised: Hong Kong/Sydney

Blog: Parfasseux – translates to ‘Lazy Fashion’

Pronunciation: Par-fah-seu

Followers: 58,046

Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Toolkit: Canon EOS 500D, 18–200mm and 50mm

Photo app/editor: VSCO Cam, Lightroom and Photoshop


Motivated by:
Making the most of the present time. I recently went through a rut… not just creatively, but I wasn’t really putting effort in a lot of aspects in my life. I was constantly dwelling on the future and letting past events burden my thoughts, and it would prevent me from expressing myself. But one day I said, ‘f**k it, live in the moment’.

Distracted by:
Life! Always. There are so many things to discover, learn and see and so little time to do so. I’ve also just gotten back into my art roots… going to art galleries, delving into art/interior magazines, discovering new artists/photographers and sketching here and there. So I’m almost always daydreaming about a book I’m reading or a particular artwork that stood out to me.

Trends you are coveting: 
Living in the digital era and constantly being involved with social media, I’ve become particularly fond of trying to escape that and capture memories and moments in spontaneity and getting them printed. I’ve recently bought a point-and-shoot film camera and am on the hunt for a great SLR. There’s something so exciting and special about shooting film and being forced to capture the moment then and there.


Three Instagram accounts we should be following:

Best advice given to you:
My friend recently tagged me in a photo that read, “No rain, no flowers”. It’s short, sweet and completely applicable to all aspects of life. I  just moved to New York – the first time I’ve ever lived by myself or travelled alone. I’ve been loving every minute of it, but it’s also been incredibly hard. Some nights I feel completely lonely and homesick, so it was a nice little reminder that in every negative experience we go through, there’s always a positive and better outcome in the end.

Something no-one knows about you:
I kind of wish I had something totally bizarre or weird, but I’ve never had chicken pox, carved a pumpkin or broken a bone.


As seen in Issue 17 of The Collective magazine.




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