Lindy Klim


There is more to this beauty mogul than meets the eye

1Mother of three, wife to former Olympic swimmer Michael Klim, “Balinese princess”, model, writer, and DJ… but Lindy Klim’s impressive resume doesn’t end there. The savvy businesswoman can now add beauty entrepreneur to her repertoire.

In 2008, Lindy founded natural skincare brand Milk & Co alongside her hubby, Michael. Their philosophy was simple – to make life more liveable. Starting as a skincare range for men and babies, Milk & Co soon extended to softening the skin of women everywhere. Drawing on inspiration from her traditional Balinese roots, as well as her time spent in the crisp countryside of Tasmania, Lindy fought for Milk & Co to promote a natural beauty regime, safe for all families.


Recently, the beauty mogul has lent her famous face (and hair) to haircare company Joico, taking a much more hands on approach to their latest campaign. Teaming up with the Starlight Foundation, Joico’s ‘Turning Heads’ promotion has seen a portion of the proceeds from their Christmas Gift Sets donated to the foundation.

We caught up with Lindy to chat about her time spent at the Sydney Royal Children’s hospital, her journey with Milk & Co and how Michael’s competitive streak in the pool has proven an asset in the business world.

Tell us about your involvement with the Joico ‘Turning Heads’ campaign?

The charity component was a huge reason why I came on board. When the campaign was presented to me I was more than happy to be involved. ‘Turning Heads’ was beautiful and inspirational.

What does your role in the campaign entail?

We shot the campaign in Sydney in late August 2014. The campaign also involved a documentary portion, which we filmed with my family in Bali. We got to visit the children at The Starlight Express Room at Sydney’s Royal Children’s Hospital, and that was a truly moving experience. The children and their families are all extremely brave. It was so incredible to know that we could bring them some joy during their stay in hospital.


What has been your favourite moment from the campaign?

The visit to the Starlight Express Room was undoubtedly my favourite aspect. The work done by The Starlight Foundation is wonderful.

Tell us about Milk & Co. Were there any roadblocks you had to overcome in setting up the business from scratch?

Milk & Co has definitely been a journey. Michael and I needed to determine our roles in the business very quickly, so we didn’t step on each other’s toes! We also needed to work out our strengths and weaknesses and outsource in areas that are not our expertise. Growth and cash-flow are always a challenge, especially for small businesses. And keeping Milk & Co’s ‘Australian made’ label is also very important to us.

What sort of insights into running a business was Michael able to bring from his swimming days?

Michael’s competitive background has been extremely instrumental in Milk & Co’s success. His work ethic is incredible, as are his team building skills and ‘never give up’ attitude.

You have your own successful company in Milk & Co, but after spending time working with Joico what have you learned about how they operate that you would like to apply to Milk & Co?

I was extremely impressed with Joico as a company and their support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation has inspired me to work harder to achieve greater success with our own charities.


Photography: Steven Chee




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