Koby Hage


The photographer-slash-designer to watch in 2015


If you’ve ever purchased something from fashion cult store Sabo Skirt you were most likely rocking one of Koby Hage‘s graphic print designs. But, creating bold prints is not the only thing on her (very full) plate. Koby runs her own online store brimming with hand-crafted goodies, is a killer photographer and still manages to stay on top of all her freelancing gigs like a #girlboss.


You’re a graphic designer-slash-photographer; tell us how that came about?

I fell in love with photography in the dark room at high school and have been lucky enough to expand on it while working full time at Sabo Skirt. My job here isn’t work at all, it’s this heavenly place where I come and paint, sketch and have endless opportunity to photograph the Sabo Skirt muses.

How do you juggle graphic design while working as a photographer for Sabo Skirt and freelancing in your spare time?

I definitely don’t juggle well. I get really pumped when someone contacts me about something awesome, like a stationary range or candle labels. I take on all these jobs and forget there is only a few hours left in the day once I get home. My poor husband is left cooking most nights!

What has been one of your favourite shoots to date?

My all time favourite shoot was with Michaela Wain for Sabo Skirt. I got to paint all over Michaela’s hands, and I made a little flower bodice and macramé crop for styling. Michaela had to leave from the shoot to a dinner in the city with paint all over her face!

You have recently started an online store for your graphic prints, what made you go down the e-commerce path?
I began by posting photos of things I had made on Facebook and sold them through that platform. It just became too hard to keep track of and wasn’t very professional, so I opted for a bigcartel site. It’s super easy to use, which is what I need because I’m a rookie in the web arena.

How do you make social media work for you?

I keep my Facebook quite personal and my Instagram for Sabo Skirt. Although the line is occasionally blurred, I don’t think my followers are that interested in my boyfriend and me eating breakfast, so I try to hold off on those posts and keep that for my family and friends on Facebook.

What are your top tips for someone looking to break into the photography and design market?

If you are that passionate about what you do, whether it be photography, illustration or design I believe work will come to you eventually. Study and learn a variety of skills, as it all goes hand in hand. Take photos on the weekends, get together with like-minded people and work on things collaboratively.


What is your ultimate travel destination?

I would love to visit Morocco, such a good blend of sun surf and culture. Plus, the photo opportunities and print inspiration would be endless!

What are you easily distracted by?

Instagram, blogs and puppies. The Sabo office has two resident pups – Nelly & Sundae. One of which is actually an Instagram celeb – @sundae_the_cavoodle – but, they are both adorable!

What are you most motivated by?

I could look get lost looking through travel photos, Pinterest & Tumblr for days. I need to get my hands on more books, but while you’re busy and work on a computer convenience is key!

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