Get Lost in Paradise


Enjoy a three day banquet of live music, arts and food over NYE


At the age of 17, Simon Beckingham was living out every teenagers dream wading knee-deep through the muddy fields of Glastonbury, one of the UK’s largest music festivals. But somewhere during those five days of music, mud and general mayhem he had an epiphany, says Simon, who quickly set his sights on running a music festival of his own (minus the gumboots).

Fast forward twenty three years and his teenage dream is on the precipice of becoming reality. Alongside business partner Wade Cawood (together they are the brains behind Australian-based boutique music agency Finely Tuned), Simon has created the three-day glamping extravaganza that is Lost Paradise. And unlike Glastonbury, it’s conveniently situated only a few hours outside of Sydney.

“It’s taken quite a while, but for me, this [is] the thing I’ve always wanted to do,” says Simon. “Lost Paradise is that product”.


Lost Paradise, a three-day
camping festival for all ages taking place
over New Year’s Eve.

Live music, restaurants, stalls, food
trucks, bars, smoke ceremonies, holi lights,
private helicopter delivery, gypsy villages,
boutique luxury glamping, shambhala spa
treatments, yoga, massage and healing,
open air cinema, art + design installations
and more.

Glenworth Valley, New South Wales, a
1 hour drive from Sydney’s CBD (though
you can choose to arrive by helicopter!)

If you need a little convincing turn your speakers up, sit back and picture yourself bringing in the new year with some of the best music talent this world has to offer…

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Profile Photography: Dave Wheeler

Images courtesy of Lost Paradise




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