Zanita Whittington


Behind the scenes of The Collective Cover issue 16



Location: Stockholm, Sweden (although she’s originally from Esperance, Western Australia)


Twitter: 10,400+

Bloglovin: 15,057

Instagram: 158,000+

Facebook: 49,755

How did you get started?

I was a model and I had all this extra free time and so I decided to do something a little more constructive and start my own blog. I wanted to be part of the fashion blogging world but at the beginning I never thought anyone would see it, I was just sharing what I thought was cool with my friend.


How did you cope with the cameras on the show?

I’m pretty hardworking so I tried hard to make it as easy for them as possible. As a model I’m a bit too large – I’m closer to a size 10 than a size 8, so I had that going against me. That meant I had to make sure everything else I did was good so I had enough money to survive. So I’d pay attention and work really hard.


Do you struggle to keep content up to date across all your social media platforms?

The hardest part is to keep it interesting and inspired. But there’s something addictive about social media, it’s easy to want to keep it updated. I guess fashion bloggers don’t talk about it a lot but I bet everyone I know is addicted to social media. Sure it’s important to do, but we also like to do it.

How many photos does it take to get the final shot you’ll post?

I’m a bit sh*t with Instagram. I only take a couple but I know some of the girls take 10 or 15 or more. But with my blog photos I can take 1000 for one post – especially if I’m shooting someone else. I want to get the exact perfect moment and movement.



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