Sara Donaldson


Behind the scenes of The Collective Cover issue 16


Blog: Harper & Harley

Location: Sydney


Instagram: 198,000

Facebook: 101,056

Twitter: 9,668

Pinterest: 10,968


How did you get started blogging?

I started my blog when I was 19 and studying marketing in Brisbane. I knew I wanted to work in fashion, I just didn’t know at that point in time where I’d be able to find a fashion job – there are so many girls who want to work in fashion but not so much supply. I loved reading blogs like Fashion Toast, and I thought, ‘How about I give it a go and see what happens?’. I tried to channel my interest in marketing, fashion and the digital side of things all into one blog.

How has your blog changed since you started?

I always thought that I was giving 100 per cent before, but when I quit my full-time job and started doing this full-time in March, I realised that I definitely hadn’t been. Before, I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t go to fashion weeks, I couldn’t meet with brands and get the face-to-face time that’s so essential.


What’s a typical day like for you?

At the moment it’s fashion week shows, but normally I get up early and get on emails before everyone else gets to work, so I can catch up before the craziness begins. I’ll have to do some Instagrams for the day, and I’ll put together a blog post and then get myself organised. Once or twice a week we might go and take some photos for the blog to get new content.

How many photos does it take to get that Instagram shot?

Too many! I think I’ve got 5000 images on my phone at the moment – I have to delete them. It’s definitely not one photo, that’s for sure.

harper-and-harley_sara-donaldson_lara-messenger_at-home_fashion-blogger_7 harper-and-harley_black-and-white_leather-vest_fashion-blogger_swarovski_1

Where do you get changed for street shoots?

I change outfits in the car! You put up one of those sunshade things in the front windscreen and hope for the best. There’s no fancy way of doing it.

How many outfits do you get sent each week?

Less than one – I don’t like too much clutter. Stuff overwhelms me, so I would rather approach my own outfits and not be sent too much. My blog is all about wardrobe essentials and if I’m promoting something on my blog and wearing it, I should own it as well.


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