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Celebrates the scantily clad interior with an emphasis on sleek and seamless design

59Shacking up with her boyfriend in Norway, Katerina Dima blogged her transformation of his bachelor pad. Now, Only Deco Love inspires thousands of renovation hopefuls with its sleek Scandi-stylings and personal quirks. This colourful character sheds some light on her penchant for minimalism and those stark white rooms.


Your home is like a stylish science lab, does it actually look like that?

My photographs always capture more of the greys and monochromatic parts of my home. In reality, if I took a photo and I didn’t Photoshop it at all, it’d be much more colourful. But, I do have a lot of white, monochromatic, grey, and lately pastel colours – I integrate them a lot.

Photoshop plays a big part. When you see a picture that’s all nice and white and defined, in reality, this is not what came out of my camera!

When did you realise Only Deco Love was gaining a following? And why do you think it drew one?

Three to four months into it I noticed traffic. I’ve made the blog really personal, so I think people are following me because they actually want to see what I’m going to do next. Or, did I change my living room? Did I change my bedroom? What’s going on there?

It also coincided with a huge burst on my Instagram. In December of last year I went from 3000 followers to gaining more than 1000 followers per month. In Norway Instagram is really, really big. I think people are taking this platform more seriously –they’re looking on there for new things, rather than blogs, so I think it was actually my Instagram that propelled my blog. I’ve found so many people that are really special and lovely, and I am so happy that I joined this community.


What advice would you give to budding design bloggers?

Try to find what you really like. People are always interested to see what you want, and who you are, rather than you copying someone else. So don’t be afraid to show what you want or what you like – people eventually will be attracted to that, people will find it unique.

But… how to start?

Just do what you like right now. If right now you love Instagram, start by making posts about that – start by making a collection of what you like on Instagram. Using that as a base, you will find your own thing really quickly, and the direction your blog will go.

If you’re into reading 20 interior blogs a day, make a post of what they made – make a collection of what they made. Take a photo of your living room, start with that! Or if you like something else that you’ve seen, try to edit it.

Be honest and be true and people will just follow you because they’re interested in you, and what you do. A blog is really personal – you are the one making it, so make it personal. People love learning about other people.

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