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Step inside the world of Jamie Blakey, the creative force behind cult fashion label One Teaspoon

OTS_2053Jamie Blakey could well be the most rock ’n’ roll boss around.


As founder and creative director of cult Aussie fashion label One Teaspoon, the Sydney-based businesswoman very much epitomises her brand – fun, laid-back, confident, creative and rebellious.

She might have an unorthodox way of running a fashion empire, but make no mistake, One Teaspoon is big business. The brand, of which Jamie has creative control, is now stocked in 32 countries worldwide, has 208,000 Instagram followers and is loved and worn by everyone from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas to Beyoncé, who has rocked several pairs of One Teaspoon’s iconic Hendrix Rollers denim shorts.


Jamie believes her success and longevity in such an unstable industry rests in knowing her customer, staying true to herself and her brand and trusting her own instincts.

On working with her husband..

Jamie says her husband, Ronnie, who works in the surf industry, is a great sounding board.

“We are both Leos, so we can’t work together,” she laughs. “We both think our own ideas are the best ideas [laughs] but he is awesome whenever I have a decision to make. Whenever I say it out loud to him, I know exactly what I need to do. If I don’t want to talk to him about an idea, it is usually because it is a shit idea and I know he is going to tear it down.”


On where she wants to take her business…

“I still feel like there’s so far to go,” she says. “I feel like we are not even there yet. When I visualise the business, I feel like we are only 10 per cent of the way. There is heaps of work ahead, but it keeps it interesting.”

On what she’s most proud of in business…

‘The longevity of it. We have been through a couple of global recessions and we have lasted through that. I am proud it wasn’t just a flash in the pan.”


On the career/motherhood juggle…

“If I get up early before the kids wake up and smash out three hours, I can get done in three hours what I would do in a whole eight hours at work.”

On seeing girls wear her label…

“I love it when I see girls wearing it the way it is supposed to be worn – shorts really slouchy, not all fitted and tight – it always makes me happy,” she says. “Sometimes when people wear it the way it is not meant to be worn, it also looks good, but I love it when they get it. It means I have done my job.”


On being ambitious…

“The drive is there,” she says. “I guess I am ambitious to do it for so long and still love it so much.”

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Photography: Vincent Fahey

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