Kate Waterhouse


Behind the scenes of The Collective cover issue 16


Blog: Katewaterhouse.com


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Facebook: 9, 813

How did you get started?

It started off as a hobby – I was lucky enough to interview cool people and go to new places as part of my role as fashion editor at the Sun-Herald. Then it snowballed, people starting asking me questions about what I wore and what I thought. At first I was posting just once a week and now I’m putting stuff up all the time.

What’s a typical day like?

Every day is different – some days it’s doing photo shoots and filming, others it’s writing. If it’s a day of writing then I’m at home with Sophia and trying to write everything in between sleep times.


What’s it been like running the blog with a baby?

There are good and bad points about having your own business – the bad is that when I had Sophia it didn’t really stop. It’s not like you can go and take maternity leave for a year. So I worked out I would have three months off and created all that content before she was born, and then hired someone to help me upload it. I’m lucky that I have my own schedule and I can fit things around my life.

How do you balance clients with the integrity of your blog?

I’d only ever collaborate with someone or a company that I would work with whether I was being paid or not. You’ve got to put things on your blog that you love.
I do have affiliate links on my blog where people can purchase things, but they’re still the clothes I love and would pick anyway.

Photography: Bayleigh Vedelago


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